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A Guaranteed cash sale is the easiest and fastest way to sell a property, we can purchase your property within 24 hours if required.

  • We Specialise in purchasing properties of any size and condition nationwide for CASH.
  • Get an instant cash advance of up to £25,000*
  • The sale transaction will be very private and confidential with no “For Sale” boards, no viewings, and strictly no online marketing.
  • We work with you and can complete the purchase at a time to suit you.

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Reasons why people choose to sell fast

Debt or Money Problems

Do you have money or debt problems? We can help. We can stop your property repossession and should you wish to sell we will make you a cash offer instantly releasing your cash equity to you.

Repossession and Eviction Stopped

This is our specialty; we have an experienced team who guarantee to stop/cancel your repossession from taking place. Once you receive an arrears letter or a notice of eviction you should get in touch with us as soon as possible for expert advice.

Separation or Divorce

Divorce and separation are a very daunting process and can cause huge amounts of financial pressure and debt. We can help, with your property sale whereby both parties will receive an instant cash offer. When accepted completion can be arranged within days releasing you from any joint finances, which is a faster method than the traditional high street agents.

Estate Agents

Estate agents can sometimes place an unrealistic price to market your property, and as a result your property can be on the market for months if not years. During this time, you will have mortgage payments, bills and other associated costs. We offer a cash purchase with no broken chains and a completion date to suit you which can be as little as 7 days.

Inheriting a Property

Inheriting a property is great however whilst selling you will be responsible for insurance, utility bills and council tax. In addition, you will be responsible for other maintenance costs which usually arise in empty properties. Research also suggests that it takes longer to sell unoccupied properties on the open market, whereas Octopus Properties will complete your sale at a time scale to suit your individual needs.

Equity Release

Equity release can provide a lump sum of money to spend how you wish, we can purchase your property from you allowing you a rent-free period to remain in the property whilst you secure alternative accommodation for you and your family.

Probate or Properties with a deceased owner

We can purchase probate properties quickly and efficiently keep you fully informed every step of the way. We can make an instant offer and can offer a completion in as little as 7 days.

Problem Tenants

When tenants stop paying rent, landlords can be left in a very awkward predicament whereby they are still liable for mortgage payments. Taking into account the time it takes to evict tenants’ months of mortgage arrears can easily build-up and repossession proceedings can begin. Octopus will purchase the property with the tenants still in place and will take on the burden of evicting them.

Relocation/ Emigration

If your either relocating or emigrating Octopus Properties can purchase your property within 7 days allowing you to have the cash lumpsum to negotiate a price on your new home, we can also allow you a rent-free period to stop behind whilst you arrange your move, give us a call for further details.

Any Area Any Condition

We purchase properties across the whole of England and Wales, we will purchase any property in any condition there are no formal viewings nor will it be marketed publicly we offer a fully private & confidential service which is completely discreet, best of all you can have cash money for the property within 7 days.

5 Star Reviews

Brilliant Service received from all the team at Octopus, they stopped my repossession, prevented me and my family becoming homeless, thank you so much. Octopus Properties were very open and honest, they purchased my property within 10 days.

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