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Learn about the N244 Application Notice and how we can help

  • This is an Application Notice used to ask a Court to set aside or vary a Judgement, or to suspend an enforcement notice. This application is used if you have received an eviction notice from your lender, it can also be used if you have already been evicted from your property.
  • After engagement we will prepare your N244 application with a professional legal defence together with additional supporting documents. Once completed, the application is lodged in Court for an Emergency Hearing to be heard before a District Judge. The Hearing usually takes place the following day after submission or in an emergency on the same day.
  • We will attend the hearing with you where a repossession specialist/ Lawyer will put forward a case on your behalf to the District Judge after which your repossession will be cancelled.
  • The earlier you get in touch the earlier we can cancel your repossession and give you and your family peace of mind.
  • We are here to offer you help with your repossession, we make the process stress free for you, whilst keeping all matters private and confidential.

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    5 Star Reviews

    Brilliant Service received from all the team at Octopus, they stopped my repossession, prevented me and my family becoming homeless, thank you so much. Octopus Properties were very open and honest, they purchased my property within 10 days.

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