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  • If you get repossessed you will be made homeless and be blacklisted. You could face losing 30% of your equity. We Will Stop this from happening.
  • Once repossessed your credit rating will be affected severely preventing you from obtaining any future credit and will affect you when trying to secure a house to rent, we can stop this from happening.
  • Once a N244 Application has been submitted to Court at the hearing the District Judge will hear all evidence presented to him by us and by your lender and will make a decision as how to proceed.
  • The Judge can offer a Suspended Possession Order whereby you can continue to reside in the property as long as you continue to meet the Judge’s conditions if the conditions are not met your lender will make a further application to evict you.
  • Getting repossessed Is a very stressful process whereby you and your family are placed at an imminent risk being made homeless.
  • Once repossessed your lender has to sell your property on the open market, whilst the property is on sale you will still be liable for the following: mortgage payments, legal fees incurred, and if the property achieves a sale price lower than your outstanding debt your mortgage lender will chase you for the difference.
  • Call now for a free no obligation chat with a repossession expert on 0800 999 1 555 alternatively, if you can’t talk right now you can email us on or complete our client contact form and we will call you at a time convenient for yourself.

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    5 Star Reviews

    Brilliant Service received from all the team at Octopus, they stopped my repossession, prevented me and my family becoming homeless, thank you so much. Octopus Properties were very open and honest, they purchased my property within 10 days.

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